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US-2014027879-A1: Semiconductor component and method for producing a semiconductor component patent, US-2014036302-A1: System and Method for Generating Automated Autographs patent, US-2014042317-A1: Parallel radial mirror analyser for scanning microscopes patent, US-2014077295-A1: Vertical gated access transistor patent, US-2014081263-A1: Method and apparatus for performing transesophageal cardiovascular procedures patent, US-2014113351-A1: Preparation and use of biofilm-degrading, multiple-specificity, hydrolytic enzyme mixtures patent, US-2014136556-A1: Methods and systems for monitoring the severity of infection in a group of individuals patent, US-2014154461-A1: Sandwich-type composite component having imprinted 3-d structures which provide at least one pattern at an outer surface of the component patent, US-2014170217-A1: Combination composition comprising oxycodone and acetaminophen for rapid onset and extended duration of analgesia patent, US-2014175576-A1: Shape enhanced pin read head magnetic transducer with stripe height defined first and method of making same patent, US-2014187961-A1: Catheter having imaging function, and blood vessel inside observation system using same patent, US-2014191108-A1: Alignment system and extreme ultraviolet light generation system patent, US-2014203697-A1: Slide rail assembly and image forming apparatus with the same patent, US-2014234446-A1: Liquid animal repellant containing oils of black pepper and capsicum patent, US-2014266482-A1: Negative capacitance circuit, resonance circuit and oscillator circuit patent, US-2014273469-A1: Methods of forming trench/via features in an underlying structure using a process that includes a masking layer formed by a directed self-assembly process patent, US-2014276113-A1: Pulse Measurement Devices for Bio-Signals patent, CN-102373178-A: Method for preparing suspension red blood cells by using insufficient amount of blood patent, US-2014320703-A1: Zoom Lens Having Optical Path Bending Member and Image Pickup Apparatus Equipped with same patent, US-2014342383-A1: Electrochemical assay for the detection of enzymes patent, US-2014357873-A1: Fluorine-containing aromatic compound and production method thereof patent, US-2014363853-A1: Nucleotide cloning methods patent, US-2014366247-A1: Boot holster adapted pants patent, US-2015013077-A1: Washing machine with balancer and control method thereof patent, US-2015020103-A1: Interactive program guide with graphic program listings patent, US-2015030219-A1: Method and apparatus for shape based deformable segmentation of multiple overlapping objects patent, US-2015031218-A1: Film forming process and film forming apparatus patent, US-2015061489-A1: Yellow-green to yellow-emitting phosphors based on terbium-containing aluminates patent, US-2015093941-A1: Terminal and connector having the same patent, US-2015102962-A1: Combined antenna, antenna array and method for using the antenna array patent, US-2015151464-A1: Molding method for fiber-reinforced plastic structure, and vehicle wheel patent, US-2015168264-A1: System abnormalities patent, US-2015168383-A1: Anthraquinone based near ir emitting compounds and uses thereof patent, US-2010243616-A1: Resistance welding method and resistance welding apparatus patent, US-2010280932-A1: System and method for managing and deploying functional services to a vehicle client patent, US-2011063257-A1: Optical member for a touch panel, and manufacturing method for the same patent, US-2011190038-A1: Communication device and communication control method patent, US-2011190438-A1: Method of improving the cold flow properties of a paraffin-containing fluid patent, US-2011202299-A1: Method and Apparatus for Testing RFID Tags for Mass Production patent, US-2011211031-A1: Roll paper conveying apparatus, inkjet printer, and roll paper conveying method patent, US-2011243672-A1: Double Sides Cutting Insert and Cutting Tool With The Same patent, US-2011246091-A1: Universal refractometer apparatus and method patent, US-2011268995-A1: Fuel cell storing structure and electronic apparatus patent, US-2011280917-A1: Resorbable thin membranes patent, US-2011298934-A1: Method and Apparatus for Human Interface to a Machine Vision System patent, US-2012018764-A1: Semiconductor light emitting device patent, US-2012028110-A1: Button cell without flanging and method of making same patent, US-2012058292-A1: Vacuum Insulation Panel patent, US-2012069210-A1: Image pickup apparatus performing automatic photographing processing, image pickup method and computer-readable recording medium recorded with program thereof patent, US-2012084043-A1: Box counting enhanced modeling patent, US-2012095303-A1: method for non-invasive blood glucose monitoring patent, US-2012108029-A1: Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2012120837-A1: Handheld computing unit with power management patent, US-2012124283-A1: Searching a content addressable memory patent, US-2012126412-A1: Integrated circuit device and method of forming the same patent, US-2012150245-A1: Method and apparatus for renal neuromodulation patent, US-2012163328-A1: Orthogonal code division multiplex cck (ocdm-cck) method and apparatus for high data rate wireless lan patent, US-2012163592-A1: Systems and methods for distributing and securing data patent, US-2012177507-A1: Laboratory syringe pumps patent, US-2012194065-A1: Organic led element, glass frit for diffusion layer for use in organic led element, and method for production of diffusion layer for use in organic led element patent, US-2012228213-A1: Separation membrane unit and separation membrane element with same patent, US-2012251518-A1: Endopeptidase Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction Disorders patent, US-2012279545-A1: Solar cell module and solar cell patent, US-2012294059-A1: Stacked memory devices and memory systems including the same patent, US-2012302781-A1: Catalytic Depolymerization of Polymers Containing Electrophilic Linkages Using Nucleophilic Reagents patent, US-2012307219-A1: Criss-cross writing strategy patent, US-2012308937-A1: Uni-Directional Beam Splitter Coating patent, US-2013011023-A1: Reflexive iris template patent, US-2013033097-A1: Method for operating a braking system patent, US-2013078871-A1: High performance cable connector patent, US-2013103922-A9: Method, computer program product and appartus for accelerating responses to requests for transactions involving data operations patent, US-2013110270-A1: Pi estimating method (PEM Algorithm) and device (D) patent, US-2013112029-A1: Gearbox deoiler with pre-pressuring component patent, US-2013140604-A1: Silicon-germanium heterojunction bipolar transistor and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2013177976-A1: Combination of cationic polymers and polysaccharides nanoparticles as a gene carrier patent, US-2013188206-A1: Printing apparatus and method of controlling printing apparatus patent, US-2013203056-A1: Detection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus patent, US-2013226142-A1: Bone treatment systems and methods patent, US-2013235144-A1: Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus patent, US-2013249902-A1: System and Method for Defining an Augmented Reality View in a Specific Location patent, US-2013295424-A1: Electrolyte-Based Battery Cell, Method and System for Determining the State of Charge of Electrolyte-Based Batteries patent, US-2013300977-A1: Display device patent, US-2013324917-A1: Medical liquid supply device patent, US-2014049015-A1: Axle mounting assemblies and children's products having axle mounting assemblies patent, US-2014058387-A1: System and method for probabilistic ablation planning patent, US-2014065522-A1: Pattern forming method, positional deviation measuring method and photomask patent, US-2014072534-A1: Novel therapy for multiple sclerosis using vitamin d and gut bacteria patent, US-2014134507-A1: Humidifier, in Particular for a Fuel Cell patent, US-2014155543-A1: Process for the preparation of 1,3-butadiene and styrene copolymers and use thereof in vulcanizable elastomeric compositions patent, US-2014243371-A1: Microbiocidal pyrazole derivatives patent, US-2014275154-A1: Novel Compounds for the Treatment of Hepatitis C patent, US-2014323296-A1: Pesticide Compositions and Methods for Their Use patent, US-2014355351-A1: Controller patent, US-2015090695-A1: Electric current switching apparatus patent, US-2015119155-A1: Inflatable surfing apparatus and method patent, US-2015147041-A1: Optical fiber and optical fiber manufacturing method patent, US-2015180444-A1: Heating body, vibration device, electronic apparatus, and moving object patent, US-2010211359-A1: Transmit Power Scaling Method and System to Detect Occurrences Using Geographically Distributed Sensors patent, US-2010212094-A1: Sanitizing fluid dispensing device patent, US-2010226722-A1: Systems, Apparatuses and Processes Involved with Hydrating Particulate Material 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